Rhonda came to me with allergies she had been struggling with for most of her life.  When she came to me she was barely able to eat a thing and was carrying extra weight and experienced daily aches and pains. After following my treatment program Rhonda is now a healthy weight range, has no aches and pains and is able to eat more foods and her allergies has settled.  It was wonderful to see Rhonda’s life change with the application of the Allergy and Reactivity reduction program and a personalised meal plan.


I started seeing Ellen 2 months ago primarily to treat eczema which I have had most of my life. Within the first 4 weeks I noticed major improvements and 8 weeks in most of my eczema has cleared up and is getting better every week. Ellen gave me some amazing food/diet advice and meal plans and supplements as a major part of my treatment. What I love about Ellen’s approach is that she works with me to help me make permanent health changes. I don’t feel like I am on any ‘special fad diet’ I have a new way of eating and ‘living’. As an added bonus I have also lost over 7kg’s and and getting close to my target weight PLUS I am sleeping better and have more energy. Thank you Ellen I am so glad I found you!!! I couldn’t recommend Ellen highly enough she is the best naturopath/nutritionist/health practitioner I have even seen!

Chris & Di

Ellen is very professional and has a wealth of knowledge, scientific approaches as well as the ability to tailor an eating plan for your preferences.


I took Ellen’s DNA offer up a few months ago and now can’t stop mentioning how lucky I am to have an in-depth road map of my health past and future. Ellen explained the results over a long in-depth appointment with take-home reports including a shortened version. I love knowing I can drink a glass of red, or eat dark chocolate in moderation and my body likes it! Lucky me ?. Thank you Ellen, your great.
I highly recommend everyone to have the DNA test before they reach an older age, as we have the time to change for the future now and avoid the DNA prediction for your health.


Ellen has a wealth of knowledge in health and nutrition and will give you the best service. She is passionate about health and helping people. Definitely try out the detox foot spas, best price I’ve seen on the Sunshine Coast. Ellen offers a 5 star service at a very competitive price.

Anna Jenkinson