Metabolic Balance

Reset your body

A Natural Weight Loss Solution for Over 40-s

Lose Weight Permanently

Enjoy Balanced , Happy Hormones

Regain Vibrant Energy

Finally Feel Confident To Wear the Clothes You Love

Metabolic Balance is a Professional Practitioner Only Program


Free 20 Minute Chat with EllenHi there I’m Ellen Agius and I am a qualified Nutritional Medicine Practitioner and Certified Metabolic Coach along with having over 30 years experience in the health care industry.

I am passionate about guiding people in the over 40s age group (just like me) to lead a happy, health life.

I want you to know that


No more depriving yourself – it is time to reset your metabolism, transform your body and start living the life you want !

I will work with your closely through the program, educating you on the right foods, portion sizes and healthy lifestyle habits so you can finally feel like you again!

The Program…

Unique to Your Biochemistry

We start with a full initial consultation, looking at your health history, medications, body measurements and I arrange for a comprehensive blood analysis at your local lab. Your personalised nutrition plan from MetabolicBalance® is then created.

Naturally Curb Cravings

Metabolic Balance® works to balance blood sugar so that you no longer experience cravings, instead enjoying sustained energy throughout your day.

Coaching & Accountability

This program comes with full support & accountability –which you will soon realise is the key to your success. We will meet regularly to ensure that you stay on track.

Quick & Lasting Results

You’ll feel more energetic and have quick (but sustainable) weight loss, a faster metabolism, enjoy deeper sleep –the easy way!

100% Natural Wholefoods

Use regular food as your ultimate medicine. A personalised nutrition plan with the most optimal foods for you that will help balance you, naturally.

A Clear Plan to Follow

Knowing exactly what foods to eat for your body, how much to eat and when to eat means you can relax and allow your body to release weight. No more guess work or nutrition confusion! Farewell frustration!



Metabolic Balance® is a personalised nutrition plan based on your unique body chemistry.It was developed by European medical physicians and nutrition scientists, and has over 20 years of research and success stories.


Metabolic Balance works to reset your body so that fat is burned, hormones balance and your overall health improves. It is a long term lifestyle change, not a diet

Metabolic Balance® helps create healthy habits through sensible eating patterns and is focused on clean nutrient rich whole-foods. The program works at a fundamental level to help rebalance your biochemistry.


Increases fat burning: switches on fat burning, we track this through your bio impedance measurements.You literally burn fat while you sleep.

Reduces hunger and cravings: rebalances the hormones that control how hungry or how full you feel.

Reduces inflammation: many people find that inflammatory conditions such as joint pain and skin problems subside

Improves blood cholesterol: significant improvements in triglyceride and cholesterol levels have been recorded for people following this program

Improves glucose levels: research has showed reduced risk of metabolic syndrome (pre-diabetic state)


Initial Intake Consultation 1:1session including full health history & assessment

Comprehensive blood tests to personalise your plan based on your biochemistry

Personalised Nutrition Plan from Metabolic Balance® including meal plans, optimal food lists and shopping lists

A KickStart Session 1:1 to go through your unique plan, setting you up for a fun & successful program

5+ coaching sessions at regular intervals to track progress & support you on your program

Access to the Private Online Community–including regular Live Q&A sessions, recipes, tips, community, motivation and more!

BONUS –an App to easily set goals, track your progress, complete daily food & lifestyle journals, communicate with your coach and access modules and more…

INVESTMENT for a one time plan you can use for life

Ready to learn more about how Metabolic Balance could transform your health?

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  1. Free Chat (20mins) to discuss how I may help and how program works
  2. Initial Consultation 60 – 75 minutes to collect a health history and your food preferences.
  3. Follow-Up Consultation 30 – 40 minutes.  To provide ongoing support and assess progress and make alterations to your treatment plan if required.


  • Scientific analysis of your blood values and health profile
  • Body Composition monitoring (if one or one).  At home measurements
  • Receive a Personalised Meal Plan for you based on testing and food preferences, Perfect list of foods that nourishes you and you alone.
  • Follow the 4 phases with easy to manage guidelines to lead a successful outcome
  • Receive fortnightly support and follow up

More than one million people have proven that this program works and is sustainable.  One investment for a lifetime of balance.

Let me help you start your new healthier life today.

I am results focused and will work with you and support you to achieve your health goals.  Support includes 24/7 access to me to ask questions, Facebook group support, fortnightly follow-ups.