Make Health Your Lifestyle with Personalised Nutrition!

By the end of the 90 days you will know how to make health work for you and make it your lifestyle. Together we will walk through your goals, and provide a healthy meal plan and lifestyle changes that works for you so that you have sustained changes that you can maintain for life. YOU will learn once and for all how to personalise your diet and lifestyle  for your health  

This can be done as an online program (discounted) or one on one. Your 90 Day Transformation program includes:

  • Initial consultation plus 6 fortnightly one on one consultations
  • Testing to personalise your healthy eating plan based on your body.
  • A Personalised Meal Plan for you
  • 1 x Cellular Detox Product to remove toxins from the mitochondria of the cell (‘You Won’t Get Well Until You Detox the Cell’)
  • Healthy lifestyle tips and handouts/Recipes
  • Private Facebook Group access
  • Free entry to my monthly workshops over the 90 days
  • Unlimited access to me to ask questions
  • BONUS – Fortnightly detox foot baths
  1. Free Chat (20mins) to discuss how I may help
  2. Initial Consultation 60 – 75 minutes to collect a health history and identify the cause of your health concerns.
  3. Follow-Up Consultation 45 minutes.  To provide ongoing support and assess progress and make alterations to your treatment plan if required.

Testing Based On YOUR Individual Requirements from your Consultation Results:

  • Live Hair Analysis: Results in 15 minutes. Discover what nutrients and environmental factors may be impacting you at a cellular level.
  • Compatibility Testing: Using hair samples or saliva, Compatibility Testing identifies the influence that foods and products have on the delivery and storage systems in each cell. The results highlight which items are incompatible and need to be removed from your lifestyle, while suggesting a list of compatible foods and household products. These compatible items can then be used to build a healthier lifestyle.
  • DNA Saliva Test –  decodes the information in your genes to receive a personalised reports that can help provide a blueprint for managing your health and wellness.
  • Saliva Hormone Testing
  • Allergy Testing
  • OligoScan:  Minerals and Heavy Metals Testing. Quick and immediate results that reports on 20 different minerals and 10 different heavy metals.
  • Body Composition monitoring
  • Personalised Meal Plan
  • Weight Loss and Body Composition Programs
  • Detoxification Programs
  • Gut Health Programs
  • Allergy and Reactivity Reduction Program
  • Nutraceuticals Supplementation
  • Amino Neuro Frequency (ANF) Therapy : a revolutionary holistic approach to pain and inflammation.

I am results focused and will work with you and support you to achieve your health goals.  Support includes 24/7 access to me to ask questions, Facebook group support, fortnightly follow-ups.